Who We Are

The emphasis of the BSD in Interior Design is on collaborative and hands-on learning experience created in the stimulating setting of a multi-disciplinary school. The educational experience begins with our diverse and knowledgeable faculty. In addition, experienced local practitioners teach classes as visiting instructors, allowing the students to fully grasp the evolving and expanding nature of interior design. Our curricula is strong and includes the study of history, theory, communication, materials, lighting, construction methods, technology, and other topics pertinent in design industry. All of this ensures a solid education, which leads to the acquisition of internships and full-time employment in prestigious architecture and design firms.

The Master of Interior Architecture (MIA) is a studio-based professional degree program in interior architecture that prepares graduates to fill leadership positions in design practice and education. The curriculum focuses on the development of groundbreaking design solutions to contemporary and emergent societal issues, such as sustainability, human centered design, and healing environments. Studios and lectures have close ties to other allied design disciplines, with faculty members from those programs actively engaged in teaching. This provides a foundation of transdisciplinary learning to assist in the understanding of integrated practice. This degree program aims to further a candidate’s comprehension of design as a process of identifying, analyzing and creating useful, beautiful and stimulating interior environments that serve the needs of varied user populations. This MIA degree not only mirrors practice, it explores the expanded fields of the profession while addressing local, national and international issues.

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