Who We Are

The Visual Communication Design program prepares students to be adaptable in the ever-changing field of visual communication design. Our approach lies in teaching the principles of design that are valid across many specific application areas. Students are exposed to various methodologies, develop critical thinking skills, and produce work that adds cultural and economic value to all projects on which they work. Our curriculum is focused on learning by doing, and can be divided into the areas of visual language, process, and synthesis. Our program has been in existence at ASU since the mid 1980’s, and our graduates can be found all over the world working in design firms, advertising agencies, e-commerce, publication design, the fashion industry, event planning, educational institutions, as interaction designers, exhibit designers, motion designers, social media designers, web designers and other specialties.

In the Visual Communication Design program, we teach our students how to be knowledge leaders in the field of Visual Communication Design, how to excel at the top graduate program in the nation. We strive to advanced technology offerings in the program and collaborate closely with industry and with other disciplines and schools and universities. We are dedicated to embed the program in the larger community (local, national, and international), and are dedicated to teach rigorous research methods applicable in design, and life-centered and sustainable design practices.

What We’re Reading