Jason Schupbach / The Design School, Arizona State University / Director / 09.10.18

Want to know about ReDesign.School? Here’s insight from our director and fearless leader, Jason Schupbach.

Welcome to ReDesign.School!

We’re so excited that you’ve joined us in re-imagining the future of design education. This website is a place for you to engage in a conversation with us about what design schools should be teaching now, and how to make design schools collaborative, relevant and equitable.

The Design School is already doing a lot of innovative work, but we want to do even more. So, we decided to launch the ReDesign.School initiative to listen as best we can to what the field – and the world – have to say about improving design education. By having this honest conversation, we hope what we collect through this process will be valuable to the whole design field, and that we can head into better future together.

A little background – The Design School at ASU is the largest and most comprehensive design school in America – we have architecture, industrial design, interior architecture, landscape architecture, visual communication design, urban design and many other areas of study. ASU is America’s largest public university and consistently ranked as the most innovative in the country. ASU even has design aspirations for the whole university that emphasize our relevance to community and desire to improve the world.

We welcome you to engage with us. Please answer our questions, we’ll post your answers, and feel free to comment on any of the existing posts. Want to grow the conversation? Be sure to include the #redesignschool hashtag on social media!

Thank you for taking part in ReDesign.School. Let’s have a conversation.

Jason Schupbach

The Design School, Arizona State University


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