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Where is design going?

Design is evolving in the public consciousness. It’s becoming defined as more than just an expression of craft, and being thought of as a broader way to think and work. It has a long way to go, however, in terms of being communicated, taught and proven as valuable in multiple contexts.

How can design education be more relevant?

Expand it beyond just those who want to become “professionally trained” designers. The more “non designers” understand design and design thinking, and can practice some form of it, the more it spreads into public consciousness.

What are the future skillsets designers need to learn now?

Tough to answer this quickly. There isn’t yet enough value put on design research. Designers need a fundamental understanding of people. Probably every designer needs a minor in psychology. And designers are also woefully undereducated in business (speaking from experience here).

What should a design school do to prepare students for transdisciplinary work?

Completely rethink the standard college curriculum.

What should a design school do to forward equity and inclusion?

I don’t know.

Matt Fangman

Matt Fangman


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