Jason Schupbach / The Design School, Arizona State University / Director / 02.11.19

A bold look at a new future for The Design School at Arizona State University.

This year has been a tremendous time of growth, exploration and imagining the future of design education. Though our redesign process at The Design School, we have been sharing new ideas and bold visions to prepare our students for an ever-changing future. After a year of engaging with our students, faculty, and hundreds of the design fields’ most respected voices, we compiled a comprehensive listening report and are diving into the details.

When we started this redesign process, we began with a simple question: “Where is design education going?” Since then, The Design School has formed committees around our five key questions and our five major disciplines to dig deeper into this question. Specifically, our faculty and staff have been examining the listening report and engaging with our students to identify the fundamental components of redesigning our school. How do we become a school that is truly inclusive, collaborative and equitable? What do we want to achieve together? How do we make that change happen? What aspects of the listening report help inform our first step?

While we are still in the midst this process, our focus is clear: in order for students to be well-equipped to face the world’s most pressing challenges, we need to think differently. We must re-examine how we operate, how students are learning and what the world is asking of us. We have be bold, be willing to change how we do things and be open to fail to make lasting change happen. Those aspects are the key ingredients of innovation, which is foundational to our ASU culture. We work hard to create ways for students to learn and thrive in ever-changing environments. To see what I mean, take a look at our new Annual Highlights publication for examples of the life-altering design solutions our students are creating.

Our redesign discussions both within The Design School and throughout the global community have identified many common threads, such as the need for more play and discovery or the desire for multiple access points to studio education. To know how we are addressing these areas, keep in touch with us. We are building our ideas into an action plan, which will launch in the spring, and we want you to be involved. We plan on having a public presentation of our plans later this semester – as soon as it’s set, you’re all invited to participate!

The future of design education looks bold and bright. On behalf of all of us here, we are excited to continue working with you to design a more just, equitable world together.

Jason Schupbach


Jason Schupbach

The Design School, Arizona State University


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