Jason Schupbach / The Design School, Arizona State University / Director / 09.12.18

Want to know about the next stage in ReDesign.School? Here’s a message from our director and fearless leader, Jason Schupbach.


It’s time to ReDesign School!

Thank you for joining us on this journey and sharing your ideas about the future of design education. The journey of the redesign began last July with this question: How do you create a school that is inclusive, collaborative and equitable? We opened this question to the design world and you responded with profound ideas! Through roundtable discussions and thoughtful blog entries, over 200 ASU students, alumni, faculty and leaders in each design discipline have engaged in this process. Over the summer, we gathered all of your valuable feedback to inform our next steps in the redesign.

Want to know what the design world is saying? Download the comprehensive ReDesign Listening Report here.

Now, it’s time to put your innovative ideas to action.

We will be breaking into committees made up of faculty, staff and advising to discuss the results of the listening phase and advise our school and programs on how to rethink our curriculum to be relevant, collaborative and equitable. Through five key committees focused on equity and inclusion, relevance, research, skillsets and transdisciplinary work, we will be working together to present a report to the Dean of the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts this semester, followed by an in-person and online forum to review the results in early 2019 for feedback. Our goal through this next step is to shape the next chapter in the future of design education. We will keep you informed of our progress through this stage in our process. 

Please collaborate with us as we proceed through this process. Continue to share your thoughts. If you haven’t already, sign up for our newsletter here for regular updates about the school during this exciting year of experimentation.

The Design School is ready to be BOLD. Dramatic ideas take bold change to implement. Together through this redesign process, we can create an environment for our students that is truly equitable and collaborative.


Jason Schupbach

The Design School, Arizona State University


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  1. Matthew Lake says:

    I’m a third year EDS major. The past year I’ve developed the view that the EDS program is seen as the “lesser” program in the design school and that EDS student are frequently left out or seen as lesser or not as good. Example 1. The cluster project. I understand that there are significantly more EDS students than there are in other majors but having all 3rd year design students collaborate together on a project except the EDS students felt wrong to me. Example 2. the BSED is a non studio based program unlike all other design programs. I felt I found my purpose when I found landscape architecture and I haven’t looked back since but because of the milestone I will not be able to graduate with a degree in Landscape architecture. Instead I must do a 3+ masters degree which, I look forward to everyday I hope that there will be a way that someone in the EDS program can work on projects that are on track with the path of their choosing.

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