Team Haboob / The Design School Student Video / 03.12.18

Let's ReDesign the Design School - Student Video

Team Haboob

The Design School Student Video

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  1. Hi – While visiting this site I was most impressed with the student feedback I was able to find…Students are the primary consumers of what the Design School is selling. Although I was also happy to see a long list of industry professionals providing insight, I wondered if recent graduates of the various schools have been engaged? I would be interested to hear from those former students: one, two and three years removed from the academic environment invited to revisit their experience and answer the question: ‘How would I have improved my experience knowing what I know today?’

    Again, inspired by the Haboob crew, how about providing students a modest stipend to customized and individualize their spaces? If a typical education costs 100K, why not dedicate one-tenth of one percent each year for each designer to learn a lesson about impactful design on a budget? Or maybe that is happening already?

  2. Robert Tieni says:

    Oh yeah, and of course, students would be allowed to pool their stipend money where needed – like a ping pong table! 🙂

  3. Yes! Love the ideas. More green, please!

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