Todd Bracher / Todd Bracher Studio / Creative Director & Strategic Designer / ID, Pratt. 1996 / Masters, Danmarks Designskole, 2001 / 04.26.18

Where is design going?

Design in many ways is only going to go where contemporary culture will allow / lead it. So its not simple to say design is isolated culturally and moving on its own path.

How can design education be more relevant?

To provide a platform for process building. Design without process and often without personalized process defaults to a copy paste mentality which is not ideal as we look to evolve forward our culture. A well developed process, allows design to become adaptable and flexible to integrate to any application meaningfully.

What are the future skillsets designers need to learn now?

Designers in my opinion need to be expert dot connectors. Meaning able to wear many hats from the anthropological point of view, the business point of view to manufacturing to science understanding. Designers must work to deliver truthful solutions, solutions that are best for the application, rather than solutions only within their own personal competence. Team design efforts are where true changes come from and giving students the ability to experience as many roles within complex teams will only benefit them.

What should a design school do to prepare students for transdisciplinary work?

Once step is I feel to break down the compartmentalization of what design is known to be today. One key driver is giving design students a grasp on business as ultimately this is what drives projects forward… and with a lack of business vision and competence, the designer is ill equipped to lead a company in a meaningful way. An understanding of the business objective, will enable the design to leverage properly the opportunity and maintain its value (in many ways add value) through the development process.

What should a design school do to forward equity and inclusion?

For design to be successful it needs to inform from all aspects of our culture and society. A variety of cultural stakeholders must be integrated to foster inclusive processes. Design should be a tool for humans and communicating this to the broader audience in a meaningful way will help. Today, ‘design’ is seen as a niche cosmetic exercise, not engaging our society where it matters.

Todd Bracher

Todd Bracher Studio

Creative Director & Strategic Designer

ID, Pratt. 1996 / Masters, Danmarks Designskole, 2001

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